How much is Roam for Business?

Roam is free for businesses to claim their listing – you can add as many images and as much information to your listing as you want, this includes 4 push notifications per calendar month that you can send out to customers. We provide a few optional in-management purchases for extra reach if you choose to use them. No subscription fees and no hidden costs – just pay as you go!



Why is my venue not showing in it’s suggested category?

Example of FAQ

Hey Roam Local Team, I hope you are well.

I have a bit of a question regarding how long it takes for Google maps listings to show up in Roam. I have a few businesses who are trying to sign up but their listings don’t show on the app.

  • Justlovepies.co.uk at Stockton doesn’t show
  • Cornerstone Arts Centre at Darlington doesn’t show
  • King Scissor Barbers Neasham Road doesn’t show
  • But Sweetiez which has only just gone online does?

Thanks in advance

Response for FAQ from the Roam Local Team

Thank you for your question.

It’s about optimising their google listing correctly for the best chance of visibility both on ROAM and Google searches.

Justlovepies.co.uk at Stockton doesn’t show on ROAM because it has not got a “Google my Business” account.

Cornerstone Arts Centre at Darlington doesn’t show because of it’s google listed category – its down as an art centre, but also does art exhibitions, dance and yoga classes, plus live entertainment. so they need to go into their google listing and sub categories where they want to appear on ROAM, for example sub categories may be = Gallery, maybe gym too for the yoga, club and/ or bar for the live entertainment side of things (they can have multiple sub categories which would allow them to appear in multiple Roam categories too.

Cornerstone Arts centre need to sub categories as an “art gallery” too to show up under “Galleries”

King Scissor Barbers Neasham Road doesn’t show – in this instance, they need to sub categories as a shop (so Roam picks them up as a “Barber shop”.

If this makes sense?

What happens when I follow a venue on ROAM ?

By Following a venue on Roam, you are opting in to receiving push notifications that include news, offers and events. 

For a venue to send you notifications they have to be supporting Roam for Business.

Why is my venue not showing on Roam?

We are Google Partners and that is how we provide our users with our data, identifying venue like yours so customers can find you in the easiest way. If your venue does not show on Roam, try checking your google business name is correct when searching in the search bar. If you do not have a google business then you will need to create a google business profile here.

If you have a Google Business account, and your venue is still not showing, you will need to make sure that your venue is categorised correctly as one of the below:

Bar, Night Club, Restaurant, Shop or shopping mall, B&Bs, Hotel, Hostel, Cafe (set a sub category as restaurant), Cinema, Gallery, Gym, Library, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Museum, Car Park, Park, Stadium.

By doing this, we are able to optimise our settings to give you visibility.

If your venue does not appear on the Roam app after checking these are correct then please contact us.