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Roam Local is a personalised marketing experience that places your business at the heart of your local community.

We can offer customer engagement tools, and contact-free shopping solutions for your brick-and-mortar business.

  • Proven to increase profits by over 30% in just four weeks
  • Add images, post products, send customers deals, express discounts and much more
  • Send customers push notifications
  • Create a loyalty club for your customers
  • Share new product releases, exclusive offerings, menus and other services to your customers
  • Drive desired actions like buying again or up-selling
  • Communicate your brand values to increase loyalty and repeat revenue

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Fully integrated ordering and payment options:

  • Ordering
  • Delivery
  • Order to Table
  • Contactless in-store mobile payments
  • Completely integratable with any existing venue platforms


A QR code gives your guests access to your menus and specials


For service at the table, pick-up or delivery to any location, just plug your software in and get started


With tailored offers and marketing campaigns that are meaningful to your customers


Proven to increase profits by over 30% in just four weeks of adoption!


Or £12.50 + VAT / Month

We pledge to plant a tree when you sign up to Roam for Business

We’re very excited to be playing a huge part to plant more trees and create greener spaces across the UK. Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact. By signing up to Roam for business – this enables us to plant trees on our customers behalf, so we can unite and help sequester carbon dioxide in the future.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

Don’t take our word for it, but listen to some of the business owners we work with

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