Our High Street Mission

The Roam Local Team are running an award winning initiative to put the High Street into a digital format providing an easy to use experience for both customers and the businesses on the high street.

Andy and Nick the two directors of the Roam App joined forces for a common goal, to help save the high street from further decline by supporting local businesses to save money and promote their services across the UK. With their background in Marketing and Business Development, they made the statement that the problem was not that the high streets are dying but evolving and that’s where they stood…. They want to help you grow and ultimately save your presence on the high street!

The Roam App is 3 years into its journey, generating a new lease of life on the high street near you. We have done this by creating an entirely new way of interacting with high street businesses which in turn has created a number of new opportunities to businesses across the country.

Our aim is to be the digital solution to the high street’s decline and provide a platform in which businesses can really shout from, but more importantly be heard by those customers who are truly loyal!

Our mission is simple, to help businesses on the high street and surrounding areas to evolve their digital footprint with a built for purpose platform to encourage customers to more frequently shop local and to do so safely.

Our brand promises


  1. Its free to use
  2. Businesses can have a digital presence within their target market/ with their target audience.
  3. Roam App becomes your very own app.
  4. Directly communicate with your target market.
  5. Save the high street & build thriving communities.
  6. Connect with customers that become your biggest advocates.
  7. Grow your business, its reputation and its brand awareness inside a community of people that care.
  8. Save money on marketing.


  1. Never get lost – Become a local in every location.
  2. Create plans & share experiences in places you love, with who you love.
  3. Stay safe & save lives with our safeguarding functionality
  4. Deals & Discounts, news, offers and events direct to your phone.
  5. Discover live, right now, what is happening in your favourite places.


Understand Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission: To allow every user the ability to become a local in every location, and to provide every business with a platform of equal opportunity, where they can create a community of customers who truly love and believe in what they do.

Vision: Bringing together app technology and bricks-and-mortar business, we picture a 21st century digital high street experience full of opportunity, with a serious focus on the shop local and support local narrative.

Values: We believe that every town and city is unique, and full of potential, and we want to shine the spotlight on the independent culture of those places and to help businesses grow and thrive. We want to evolve the digital footprint of towns and cities, encouraging people to shop local, to build stronger local economies, and to provide further opportunities for those who live and work there.