Who We Are

Understand Us & Our Mission, Vision and Values

Roam is an award-winning destination guide in the form of an app on your phone, allowing our users to access local information, in every location, with just a simple app tap.

Our app for the general public is multifunctional, and allows them to support local businesses,  find new places to go, receive rewards by going to their favourite places, create plans, share recommendations, chat with friends and create safe groups so they can #RoamSafely

Our aim is to create one app that has access to every business in every location, creating the best experience possible in any given location.

We want to be the digital solution to the high street’s decline and provide a platform in which businesses can really shout from!

Our mission: To allow every user the ability to become a local in every location, and to provide every business with a platform of equal opportunity, where they can create a community of customers who truly love and believe in what they do.

Vision: Bringing together app technology and bricks-and-mortar business, we picture a 21st century digital high street experience full of opportunity, with a serious focus on the shop local and support local narrative.

Values: We believe that every town and city is unique, and full of potential, and we want to shine the spotlight on the independent culture of those places and to help businesses grow and thrive. We want to evolve the digital footprint of towns and cities, encouraging people to shop local, to build stronger local economies, and to provide further opportunities for those who live and work there.