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About Us

In 2021,The Roam Local App celebrates 5 years of being the most trusted, and most influential app for exploring and engaging with local communities across the UK. Parents, teachers, local authorities, general public, business owners, all walks of life continue to visit Roam to seek advice, browse for recommendations, create travel plans, travel safely, engage with customers and much more.

As a platform, we support our users by ensuring that every day we work in line with our mission to make communities across the UK thrive – whether that be through working in partnership with brands, launching campaigns with Local Authorities & BIDs, or simply by providing a place for all walks of life to meet, talk, discover and get inspired.

Work With Us

Brand licensing: Product development opportunities.

Local Authorities, Combined Authorities, BIDs: License purchases, Co-branded Marketing, Surveys, Industry reports, Data analysis

Advertising solutions: Influencer marketing, display advertising, sponsored discussions, competitions

Get in touch:

Let us know a bit about you and your objectives, and we’ll direct you to the right person.

For any Business Support please contact: info@roam-local.co.uk with subject: Business Support

If you are a Local Authority, Combined Authority, BID, Brand, agency or a non-profit organisation please contact us using: info@roam-local.co.uk with Subject: Partnership Opportunities

Alternatively, you can call us on: 0191 245 1018

Roam Local App in numbers

  • Over 500,000 independent businesses being promoted
  • Over 500,000 other points of interests being promoted such as heritage sites, town car parking and bus stations.
  • An average of over 50,000 local business clicks per month per town
  • Promoting towns, cities and villages and all they have to offer
  • Promoting 1,186 towns, across the UK
  • Promoting 69 Cities across the UK