Become a Local in every location!

By using our app ROAM, you become a local in every location and can connect with the high street in a completely unique way. You can create plans, share recommendations, receive notifications from your favourite places, chat with and find your friends with our ‘Find my Friends’ features.

We put the physical high street experience, into a digital app experience, embracing the digital evolution of the high street, so we can put businesses in front of the customers who are looking for what they have to offer!

If you would like to get your business in front of the thousands, please claim your venue here or register your interests below.

The Roam App includes the following venues:

  • Bars
  • B&Bs
  • Cafes
  • Cinemas
  • Galleries
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Libraries
  • Pharmacists
  • Museums
  • Night Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • To be continued…

“ROAM is a fantastic app for finding suitable venues both near to home and further away. Great and innovating idea. Roam is definitely recommended by me.”

A free marketing tool for your business

Our award-winning #RoamLocal initiative is here to support and champion local businesses and the communities they serve. We provide every business on the high street with a free platform that they can really shout from – and, more importantly, be heard!

  • Send customers push notifications expressing any news, offers, events, loyalty deals and discounts or other offerings direct to their customers’ phones.
  • Create a loyalty club for your customers –  Existing customers are 40% more likely to buy your products
  • Share exclusive offerings, menus and other services
  • Share new product releases to your customers
  • By claiming your listing on the Roam app, this effectively becomes your own app.
  • Use engagement messages to learn about and interact with customers
  • Drive desired actions like buying again or up-selling
  • Communicate your brand values to increase loyalty and repeat revenue
  • Increasing your customer retention by 5% you can increase your company revenue by as much as 100%

By keeping your customers loyal, they can become your biggest advocates. Existing customers are 40% more likely to buy your products where as new customer acquisition are 5x more expensive than retention – Roam allows you to retain, for free!

“ROAM is perfect for my business – it’s a social platform that has been created entirely for my business’s needs, taking us away from all the nonsense that you come across on the other social platforms. We can send our customers messages with what we have to offer and reward those that stay loyal to us.”

How We Can Help Your Business

As a businesses on Roam you have the ability to claim your already existing company profile and take control of what your venue looks like – Promote yourself in front of thousands of users across the U.K.

The Roam App Becomes your very own app platform that allows you to connect with new and existing customers like never before! By using the Roam for Business dashboard you can send your customers messages expressing any news, offers, events or loyalty deals direct to the customers phone!

Our mission is simple, to help businesses on the high street and surrounding areas to evolve their digital footprint with a built for purpose platform to encourage customers to more frequently shop local and to do so safely.

“With our venue being slightly out of sight, this means we are out of mind with our customers. ROAM allows us to send push notifications straight to our customers expressing what’s going on, when we have offers and other things like this, putting us back in mind, and ultimately putting us back in sight.”

Who We Are Supported By

We have a number of champions that support our mission, ranging from The Save The High Street Initiative to Business improvement Districts and Business associations – you can see some of them below!


“This app is amazing for keeping in touch with your favourite places, I simply follow a venue and they can keep me up to date with all there news, offers, events and loyalty deals, sent directly to my phone! Amazing and would highly recommend!”

A Big Voice For Small Businesses

We are working very closely with the team at Save The High Street, town councils and many small businesses across the North East to offer free support and advice to help their high streets grow and flourish with sustainable business and marketing strategies.

All of our members will be offering exclusive discounts and incentives; offers may vary from month to month. Get your idea, product or business in front of thousands of customers each and every week!

Our mission is to encourage local customers to use local businesses whenever possible, this usually saves time and money for the local consumer and creates that all important word of mouth for your business.

“This is an amazing app with everything you need to know about a location no matter where you are! Never lost again!”

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