Roam with us – become a local in every location!

Roam is a destination guide in the form of an app on your phone, allowing our community of users to access local information, in every location, with just a simple app tap.

  • Find places of interest – never get lost – become a local in every location
  • Receive loyalty deals and discounts, news, offers and events directly to your phone, sent by your favourite venues
  • Share your places of interest with friends and family – create plans and discuss them in the in-app chat
  • Stay safe with the app’s “Find my Friends” functionality and Safe Groups
  • Follow and check into your favourite places, so you never miss out on what those venues have to offer!

“ROAM is a fantastic app for finding suitable venues both near to home and further away. Great and innovating idea. Roam is definitely recommended by me.”

Claim your venue’s free listing, and start engaging with customers!

  • Send customers push notifications with any news, offers, events, loyalty deals and discounts or other offerings direct to their customers’ phones.
  • Offer click and collect
  • Create a loyalty club for your customers –  existing customers are 40% more likely to buy your products
  • Share new product releases, exclusive offerings, menus and other services to your customers
  • By claiming your listing on the Roam app, this effectively becomes your own app.
  • Drive desired actions like buying again or up-selling
  • Communicate your brand values to increase loyalty and repeat revenue

“ROAM is perfect for my business – it’s a social platform that has been created entirely for my business’s needs, taking us away from all the nonsense that you come across on the other social platforms. We can send our customers messages with what we have to offer and reward those that stay loyal to us.”

Why reward your customers?

  • It’s 6-7 times cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one.
  • 25-95% increase in profits can come from a 5% increase in customer loyalty across teh business.
  • 78% of rewarded customers will tell family and friends about your business.
  • There’s a 60-70% increase in likelihood of purchase by a returning customer.
  • 31% more money is spent by returning customers.

Our Roam For Business promotes all of the above. It’s a win for you & a win for your customers!

“With our venue being slightly out of sight, this means we are out of mind with our customers. ROAM allows us to send push notifications straight to our customers expressing what’s going on, when we have offers and other things like this, putting us back in mind, and ultimately putting us back in sight.”

Want to work with us? 

We’re networking, we’re working with others, we’re spreading the word…

We’re proud to work with, support – and be supported by some amazing businesses and organisations such as Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts (BID), and other initiatives across the UK.

Contact us to see what potential opportunities are available for your area.


“This app is amazing for keeping in touch with your favourite places, I simply follow a venue and they can keep me up to date with all there news, offers, events and loyalty deals, sent directly to my phone! Amazing and would highly recommend!”

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“This is an amazing app with everything you need to know about a location no matter where you are! Never lost again!”

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